Dr. Jeff Hedrich

Full Testimonials


"I wasn't able to even to yardwork without pain, but since I've had my NUCCA adjustment, I'm now able to use my rotor tiller" -Lethbridge, Alberta

"I had a really bad problem in my knee that was so bad I was considering canceling my trip to Europe. I called Dr. Hedrich for information on my treatment options and he told me about EMTT.  It was roughly the cost of prolotherapy but was non invasive, which I really liked.  Long story short, I had 4 treatments before my trip and I had next to no problems for the entire month I was gone.  EMTT is amazing! - Lethbridge, AB

"My knees were #$%#. I almost couldn't walk.  Dr. Hedrich has helped me with so many problems in the past that I just trusted him to do the best thing for me.  I did 8 sessions of EMTT and now I can jump around.  EMTT saved my knees."  -Lethbridge County

"I've been having trouble going up and down stairs because of the arthritis in my hips. Dr. Hedrich suggested EMTT and I can't believe the difference it has made. I can go up and down the stairs without having to use the same leg for each step.  And my hips feel so much stronger now! I highly recommend EMTT." -Lethbridge, AB

"I don't have headaches anymore,but I do have more energy and fewer mood swings. I couldn't live without my NUCCA adjustment!"
– Claresholm, Alberta

"This treatment (NUCCA) has greatly reduced my problems with a slipped disc and I would be looking at surgery without Dr. Hedrich's help."
–Bow Island, Alberta

"I have severe arthritis in my ankle and the Doctor told me there wasn't really anything they could do for me except maybe surgery.  Walking was extremely painful and exhausting. I avoided being on my feet as much as possible. I heard about EMTT through a friend and decided to drive down to Lethbridge for treatment because nobody else has this machine.  I'm happy to say that the pain my one ankle is down by 80% and the pain in the other is down by 60%. EMTT has been a real blessing and I may even avoid surgery."                                                                                                                          - Cochrane, Alberta

"After 3 years of pain in my neck and back I can't express how good it feels to be pain free!"
–Lethbridge, Alberta

"I had sciatic pain so bad that I thought I was going to be a cripple. Now I am walking and jogging again thanks to Dr. Hedrich."
–Bow Island, Alberta

"When my neck is out I am cranky and get headaches. As soon as Dr. Jeff adjusts me I feel fine again."
–Fort Macleod, Alberta

"I feel great. I have no pain. Dr. Jeff keeps us riding our horses and quads!"
–Bernie, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

"I wish everyone I know would get a NUCCA adjustment from Dr. Jeff so they could experience a better quality of life. It has changed my life and I know it can change everyone else's if they realized the benefit."
–Calgary, Alberta

"For me the treatments are so necessary that I drive 9 hours to get here. "
–Lancea, Lloydminster, Alberta

"I do not snore at night after Dr. Jeff adjusts my neck. I do not get headaches, mood swings or depressed feelings. I have more get up and go!"
–Keith, Fort Macleod. Alberta

"After suffering from migraines for years, I now am able to do all my work without the constant pain of a headache."
–Renita, Picture Butte, Alberta

"Since I've seen Dr. Jeff my quality of life has SO improved - no more severe backaches - I can breathe much better and I'm not so stuffed up in my nasal passages. Also my neck feels great. I recommend Dr. Jeff to everyone that I can."
–Margaret, Fort Macleod, Alberta

"I wish everyone I know would get a NUCCA adjustment from Dr. Jeff so they could experience a better quality of life. It has changed my life and I know it can change everyone else's if they realized the benefit."
–Calgary, Alberta

"My grandson has ADHD and when he gets very irritable he is hard to handle. After he has an adjustment, he is happy and easy to get along with again."
–Magrath, Alberta

"I had headaches from concussion for 2 months straight. Even after one adjustment, the headaches pretty much disappeared. I feel a lot better."
–Jacob, Picture Butte, Alberta

"I recommend this clinic because Dr. Hedrich is very thorough and provides very precise care. He looks over everything to make sure he treats you in the best possible way."
–Elizabeth, Cardston, Alberta

"I had a severe car accident in the 70's. 14+ years of physiotherapy 3x a week...the only relief I have ever gotten was due to Dr. Jeff's NUCCA adjustment. Thank you! Thank you! "
–Calgary, Alberta

"Ten years ago I was in a car accident. I was in pain from my neck down to my feet. It was hard for me to even walk. Thank God I found Dr. Hedrich and his clinic. He took care of my neck and my spine. Since that time I am feeling so great - with no pain and when things are not so great I go to see him again."
–Tina, Lethbridge, Alberta

"I thought I would have to live a life of misery and have surgery and then live on drugs. I used to get nauseous from the pain and I'd have to stop whatever I was doing. Now, I'm feeling really encouraged and I can't wait to do more things like rake my grass and other stuff around my house. I can't really explain the huge difference you've made in my life."
–Kendra, Camrose, Alberta

"I drive in and hour and a half for my treatments. I felt immediate relief after one treatment. I felt a pop in my lower back and then I could walk. My wife and I went to a show that evening and my friends commented on how I could walk normally. They said that was the fastest they had seen me walk in awhile. I feel as if my spine is more stable and I don't worry about it anymore. I try to take care of myself now. I felt very comfortable with the procedure and it exceeded my expectations."
–Clayton, Bow Island, Alberta

"I can now walk without my knee brace. I recently went for a walk for an hour and 20 minutes outside. I couldn't do that before. I couldn't bend without feeling the pain in my back and putting my hip out. I can vacuum and do normal household activities again. I don't have to ask one of my kids to things for me. I drive in 75 miles from Foremost for my treatments."
–Sandra, Foremost, Alberta

"This has been a major change in my life. I used to feel hopeless all the time. I used to think that I just wanted to die rather than go on in that condition. I know it is a cliche but you have given my life back to me and I am very grateful to you."
–Sandra, Taber, Alberta

"I feel that I'm back to normal now. I can do all the things I used to do. I feel that my spine is rock solid now."
–Adrian, Claresholm, Alberta

"One night I had spasms in my right lower back area. It was so bad that if I moved in bed, the pain became excruciating. This had never happened to me before. A friend of mine suggested NUCCA so I decided to try that. I really never thought that I had a cervical spine problem (because that is where the NUCCA adjustments are made) but she highly recommended Dr. Hedrich and told me her history. Many x-rays were taken which showed boney spurs on my cervical vertebrae which I had known nothing about. I was told these had likely started 50-some years ago ( I was in a tractor accident as a small child).

But more recently, about 10 years ago, I was in a MVA where my car hit the side of a wooden decked, icy bridge. I hit the side 3 times before I came to a stop. About a month after this, I was so tired that I had my blood pressure checked. It was very high and I was exhausted. So exhausted in fact, that I went on sick leave for 7 months. During my leave from work, my husband was planting trees and all I had to do was hold the hose to water them, but this small amount of work was too much for me. I should have stayed on sick-leave from work much longer but my symptoms were so vague that I tried to go back to work. I quickly discovered that I didn't have the energy to do my work anymore and resigned. 2-3 years after this MVA I also had problems with my larynx spasming. It seemed like I had lost my swallowing co-ordination and when I mis-swallowd, my larynx would spasm and I'd quit breathing. I'm not sure if NUCCA has resolved this issue, I do know that I seem more co-ordinated and the laryngospasms haven't happened since I started NUCCA.
What I have noticed is a big increase in my energy. I was recently able to shovel sand, dirt and haul rocks. I was the strong person who was pushing the loaded wheel-barrow and I'm 59. I was stronger than the 21 year-old who had also tried to push the wheel-barrow and had given up. Also, before NUCCA my right shoulder was sore and clicking. The soreness and clicking have completely gone. Off and on I'd have trouble with my left shoulder as well but no longer. What I notice is when Dr. Hedrich touches my neck, I get sleepy. I associate this with healing energy.

I hadn't known that a side-hit MVA is worse than being hit from the front or back. I had seen many Dr's, had many tests done and they, nor I, made an association between a MVA and all my symptoms. I suggest NUCCA to a lot of people now. "

- Carol G. - Cowley Alberta

"I do not snore after Jeff adjusts my neck. I do not get headaches, mood swings or that generally depressed feeling I usually have."
- Keith T.

"Since I've seen Dr. Jeff my quality of life has SO improved - no more severe backaches. I can also breathe much better by not being so stuffed up in my nasal passages and my neck feels great. I recommend Dr. Jeff to all I can."
- Margaret K.

"Dr. Jeff has help improve my condition very well. I don't get pain going up into the back of my head and my neck feels so good now. I can turn my head a lot easier and pain free."
Penny N.

"I had 2 months straight of headaches from concussion. After one adjustment the headaches pretty much disappeared. I no longer have headaches and I feel alot better."
- Jacob K.

"Ten years ago I was in a car accident. I was in pain from my neck down to my legs. It was very hard for me to walk. Thank God I found Dr. Hedrich in his clinic and he took care of my neck and spine. Since that tie I am feeling so well with no pain and when something is not fine I go to see hi again."
- Tina W.

"I went to a chiropractor for 2 years that never did much for me. After 1 visit to Dr. Hedrich I felt almost 80% better and I will soon be completely better."
- Jared M.

"Several years ago, I drove from Edmonton to Lethbridge in pain with lower back spasms. Upon arrival in Lethbridge, I went to visit Dr. Hedrich's office and asked him for an adjustment. He explained he did not do lower back adjustments but could give me a chiropratic treatment. After some measurements and xrays he proceeded to gently touch my neck while I layed (on my side) on a bench. When I got up my body responded to the adjustment and soon the pain was gone! I went back the next morning and he repeated the proceedure. I drove back to Edmonton pain free.
Over the last 3 years I have returned several times and had several more adjustments and I have been pain free since. After years of chiropractic treatment from many different Chiros this form of treatment has been the only one that worked for me. Thank you Dr.Hedrich."

- Ron P, Edmonton.

"There is no greater feeling than being free from back pain. I had started experiencing back pain in 2005. I had a MRI done and was told that I had three bulging disks in my back. I was treated with anti-inflammatories and was instructed to do various exercises to shrink these bulging disks. After many months of this, my pain worsened to the point where I was unable to do much of anything. Showering and getting dressed in the morning was excruciating. It was so physically draining, that I would have to take a rest. I am a very active person so being plagued with this pain was very depressing. One day, I was outside trying to do some yard work. My neighbor was watching and came running over and told me of this doctor who was a practicing NUCCA chiropractor he’d been seeing for a number of years. He was sure he could help me. Now, I will tell you that I wasn’t a chiropractor lover and I was somewhat skeptical but I was desperate! What did I have to lose? So my journey began with Dr. Hedrich in November 2007.

I all but crawled into Dr. Hedrich’s office. After looking over all the x-ray’s he did, I heard his magical words which were, “I am very sure that I will be able to help you.” He let me know that to make this work that I had to be committed to the treatments as well. I assured him that I would do what ever it took. The treatments started. They were very intense, but within a month I noticed that the pain was not as severe as it was before. I referred to Dr. Hedrich as an angel in disguise and he truly is my saving grace. I know for a fact that without his help I would totally be dependent on pain killers, as the pain was too excruciating. It has been a year and half that Dr. Hedrich has been treating me. I am now pain free. I still make monthly trips for minor adjustments but I have my life back!! Words cannot express my gratitude for all that he has done for me!"

- Dawn.