Dr. Jeff Hedrich


Chiropractic can trace it's history as far back as the ancient Egyptians which makes adjusting the spine one of the oldest forms of healing in the world. The knowledge of spinal adjusting was traditionally passed down as a trade but it didn't have a formal education program until Canadian D.D. Palmer opened his school in the U.S. mid west in the late 1800s. This was the dawn of the golden age of spinal adjusting and the term Chiropractic was coined. Since that time many developments occurred in spinal adjusting and eventually the NUCCA procedure was born. NUCCA is one of the most highly refined procedures in Chiropractic and is supported by some of the best scientific literature in the medical community. You can be assured that this advanced form of spinal adjusting is just what the doctor ordered.

Chiropractic and Extremities

Spinal adjusting is only one component of a healthy body, true it is the most critical, but many people also suffer from aches and pains in their shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and feet. Dr. Hedrich is well known for his skills in adjusting the extremities and if you have a problem you want looked at, all you have to do is ask.


Acupuncture originated in ancient China where practitioners used needles to stimulate muscles, nerves or energy centres in the body. The ancients used the five element theory to describe their environment and adapted that theory for use in Acupuncture. That theory led to the tradition of selecting acupuncture points based on whether or not a person had too much wind, fire, dampness etc. or too much yin or yang.

In contrast, modern Acupuncture builds on the traditional concept but incorporates western diagnosis and understanding of diseases. Modern acupuncture practitioners select points based on our current knowledge of anatomy and the pathology of the disease. Using this approach creates a more objective treatment plan. However, some cases may require a traditional approach as well.


A modern advancement on Acupuncture, ElectroAcupuncture combines TENS like stimulation of acupuncture points to accelerate the process or enhance the effectiveness for the really tough problems.

Nutritional Consultation

The need for a nutritional consultation by a professional is very real. Patients need guidance to develop the most effective nutritional program that meets their specific needs.

Dr. Hedrich has made nutrition a major part of his practice and attends seminars throughout North America on a regular basis to enhance his skills and to provide you with the latest information.

You can start the evaluation process by filling out the Health Appraisal Questionnaire. This is a comprehensive health appraisal questionnaire. The form identifies weaknesses in your body that need to be addressed with a professional nutritional program."