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Don't wait until it's too late!

"I don't have headaches anymore,but I do have more energy, fewer mood swings and my allergies improve...I couldn't live without my NUCCA adjustment!"

Claresholm, Alberta

"This treatment (NUCCA) has greatly reduced my problems with a slipped disc and I would be looking at surgery without Dr. Hedrich's help."

Bow Island, Alberta

"After 3 years of pain in my neck and back I can't express how good it feels to be pain free!"

Lethbridge, Alberta

"I had sciatic pain so bad that I thought I was going to be a cripple. Now I am walking and jogging again thanks to Dr. Hedrich."

Bow Island, Alberta

"When my neck is out I am cranky and get headaches. As soon as Dr. Jeff adjusts me I feel fine again."

Fort Macleod, Alberta

"I feel great. I have no pain. Dr. Jeff keeps us riding our horses and quads!"

Bernie, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

"For me the treatments are so necessary that I drive 9 hours to get here. "

Lancea, Lloydminster, Alberta

"I do not snore at night after Dr. Jeff adjusts my neck. I do not get headaches, mood swings or depressed feelings. I have more get up and go!"

Keith, Fort Macleod. Alberta

"After suffering from migraines for years, I now am able to do all my work without the constant pain of a headache."

Renita, Picture Butte, Alberta

"I had headaches from concussion for 2 months straight. Even after one adjustment, the headaches pretty much disappeared. I feel a lot better."

Jacob, Picture Butte, Alberta

"I feel that I'm back to normal now. I can do all the things I used to do. I feel that my spine is rock solid now."

Adrian, Claresholm, Alberta

"I do not snore after Jeff adjusts my neck. I do not get headaches, mood swings or that generally depressed feeling I usually have."

Keith T.

"I went to a chiropractor for 2 years that never did much for me. After 1 visit to Dr. Hedrich I felt almost 80% better and I will soon be completely better."

Jared M.

Are you suffering from headaches, pain, "old age", injuries due to an accident or another problem but you're just not sure what can be done for it?

Perhaps you are worried that your problem is very serious or that the treatment is worse than the problem.

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief because you've found the right place for you. Our advanced Chiropractic care is gentle, safe and effective and may help you avoid painful medical treatments!

A spinal examination is a great way to start looking into your problem. The exam is designed to detect if there is an underlying structural problem that is a barrier to healing.

Lethbridge Chiropractor Dr. Hedrich only accepts the cases in which he finds an underlying structural problem that relates to the symptoms you present with and that he's confident that chiropractic can help.

Is this something you'd like us to help you with?

National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association

NUCCA is fast becoming a world wide Chiropractic technique helping millions of people. Learn more about the NUCCA organisation, it's programs and the people it has helped.
Dr. Hedrich has been performing the NUCCA procedure since 1992.


Did you know that NUCCA Chiropractic is an essential part of your dental health program? TMJ pain, grinding, clenching, caps and crowns are all signs that your jaw may be suffering the damaging effects of a spinal misalignment. NUCCA Chiropractic can help your dentist achieve greater success in managing your dental health issues.


We are people like you. We come from all over Alberta, B.C. and as far away as Japan, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, England and the United States. See what we have to say about our own problems and results here.

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