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We recommend only the finest quality supplements that meet the highest manufacturing standards in the world.  These supplements are available directly from Metagenics when offered by a licensed health care professional only. Get the lowest prices available, delivered directly to your door. 

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Chiroflow waterbase pillow

Chiroflow waterbase pillows allow you to customize your pillow to suit your neck. If you're tired of trying to find a pillow that's just right, then try the Chiroflow waterbase pillow. This pillow is backed by a two year warranty and provides 3 proven therapies in one pillow.

Douglas Labs

After carefully reviewing many product reviews, clinical trials and assay tests, we've decided to bring on another nutritional product brand that is only available to health care professionals. Douglas labs is a Canadian owned company with over 50 years of manufacturing experience. They manufacture everything they sell so their quality assurance is top notch. Their high quality, innovative products have earned them the NutriSearch Gold Medal of Achievement and we're confident you'll love their products too.

Icing packs

We'll save you time, pain and frustration by supplying you with the best icing gel packs available. Icing is an extremely effective way to reduce pain and inflammation but it can be a painful process if you don't use the right product for the job. Try our icing gel packs and get out of pain fast.

Foot Levelers

Want an orthotic that stays in your shoe and not in your closet? Footlevelers are the most comfortable orthotic on the market and that means you will actually wear them. Countless people have purchased hard orthotics that are too aggressive, uncomfortable and create other problems in the body. Footlevelers are designed to support you with comfort you will appreciate. We offer full assessment of your lower limb concerns and free scanning to evaluate your needs.